What Is #Privacy:
"Pound Privacy" is a campaign to create the first standard for search engine query privacy. The implementation is fairly straightforward: If you append the phrase "#privacy" at the end of a query on any search engine or site search, your query should not be tracked by IP or cookie, and should not be made public in keyword tools. It is that simple.

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An Open Letter to The Big 4:
There are 4 major search engines which currently control majority of the web's search traffic: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Ask. If these four search engines accept the #privacy standard, the world will be - literally - a better place.

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What is #privacy

Key Problem and Solutions:
Search engines haphazardly collect extremely private data. Searchers often solicit financial, health, or legal advice online under the veil of perceived anonymity. Credit card companies, health organizations, Universities, and virtually all other industries must follow particular rules and regulations about the collection and dissemination of user information, yet search engines are exempt from most of these regulations even though they collect similar, if not more private, data.

We have chosen the #privacy flag for the following reasons.

(1) The major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) do not use the # symbol as one of their special operators
(2) All search engines by their nature capture the query and analyze it (no new form fields need be created)
(3) It is a platform-independent solution
(4) It allows search engines to still default to data capture, without burdening them to determine whether data should be stored
(5) It requires no additional software (such as proxies or privacy tools)
(6) It can be used in conjuction with existing privacy solutions.

The primary exception to this would be when the query indicates that a crime is being committed. For example, a search query that indicates the solicitation of child pornography could be excluded from the #privacy flag.Happy Valentine's Day

How Can You Help?

1. Blog About It:
Because the #privacy campaign is a solution that requires user-education, it is important that everyone know that #privacy is a tool they can use to protect themselves online. The more people who know about #privacy and want to use it, the more likely that webmasters and the major search engines will adopt the standard!

2. Link to PoundPrivacy.org
Just use one of our banners to link to #privacy to show your support.

3. Use #privacy
While we are not interested in forcing any search engine to comply, one way you can let them know that you support the #privacy campaign is by simply using #privacy when you search. This will, unfortunately, mess with your results until the search engine adopts the standard, so you may have to search again. You can also use our privacy greasemonkey script.

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How to Help:
1. Blog about #privacy
2. Link to #privacy
3. Use #privacy

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